Password Recovery Tools

ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle
(Forensic Edition)

All password recovery tools in a single value pack. Unlock documents, decrypt archives, break into encrypted containers with an all-in-one password recovery bundle.

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ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery

Break complex passwords, recover encryption keys and unlock documents in a production environment.

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Mobile Extraction Tools

Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle

The complete mobile forensic kit in a single pack. Perform physical, logical and over-the-air acquisition of smartphones and tablets, break mobile backup passwords and decrypt encrypted backups, view and analyze information stored in mobile devices

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Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer

Extract everything from your Google Account with or without a password. Download users’ location history, Contacts, Hangouts Messages, Google Keep, Chrome browsing history, search history and page transitions, Calendars, images, and a lot more.

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You can also purchase tools from the Bundles separately.